Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies


After discussing the major desire to have cream and butter and how almost everything is cooked in butter, and how hard it is to find food that hasn't been soaked in dairy some way or another, with a few friends, some offered alternatives. One was that you can use Earth Balance butter substitute and that Ghiradellie chocolate chips were dairy-free! That means I can still enjoy cookies!!!! I … [Read more...]

San Francisco: The Last Day


This post is mostly pictures, as the last day of the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival consisted of a brunch and then we were left to explore the beautiful city on our own. … [Read more...]

Cookies! Mexican Wedding Cookies and Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies


Things have been so crazy around here, that we haven't had time to do our last two posts of the San Francisco trip, but they will be coming soon! Until then, the holiday spirit suddenly whisked me away this morning, and I decided to make a run to the overcrowded grocery store to make my favorite cookies. … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Friday


Oysters at the Blue Mermaid Chowder House. I feel like I am so far behind, everyone is posting their great updates on the past weekend with the 1st Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival (like Oldways Table ,High/Low Food/Drink, A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa and a gazillion more... ), and I have only made it through Friday, and not even to the actual event, only the things Peter and I did before it. … [Read more...]

Welcome to the blog world, The Sugar Pixie!


Our close friend, Krissy, has (finally ;) ) started her own blog, The Sugar Pixie, and you should definitely go check it out! She is the genius behind some of our sweet dessert posts lately, like the awesome strawberry cupcakes and the amazing key lime pie. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband!


I took this picture of Peter yesterday for the POM folks, and I really liked it AND today is his birthday! :D Love Christey ;) … [Read more...]

Bangers and Mash Americanized


This meal and post was inspired by an online community I read called Trashy Eats. It is well know that I, Christey, am not the cook that Peter is, nor have the interest in doing the crazy French sauces that he wants to perfect. I used to, but he is so good at it, I will let him do it and I will eat it. I do know how to cook, as much as I let on that I don't. Not crazy fancy stuff, but a lot of … [Read more...]