Foodbuzz: Project Food Blog, Challenge #1

Peter and Christey at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival Dinner 2009

The first challenge Foodbuzz: Project Food Blog asks is: What defines you as a food blogger, and why should you be the next food blog star? We’re FotoCuisine. Christey is the Foto. Peter is the Cuisine. We’re married, in love, and in love with the idea that food can be completely amazing. We met through a mutual friend at a restaurant on the beach in St Pete, Florida. We were … [Read more...]

San Francisco: The Last Day


This post is mostly pictures, as the last day of the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival consisted of a brunch and then we were left to explore the beautiful city on our own. … [Read more...]

San Francisco Part 2


I guess that's the problem with heading to San Francisco right before the holiday season. There's no time to update with family and holidays and all the food! Hopefully, things will go back to a regular updating schedule soon. We're going to catch up with the Saturday events at the Foodbuzz First Annual Blogger Festival. … [Read more...]

POM Blogger Interview


December will be the last entry for us as the 2009 POM Blogger winner. Jenn, from The Leftover Queen and hostess of The Foodie Blogroll interviewed me about my experiences coming up with POM recipes over the last year. Check it out here: and leave a comment, because Jenn and POM … [Read more...]

Maple Cayenne Scallops with Granny Smith Home Fries


After far too long of an absence (life and summer and day-job), we are once again joining the Royal Foodie Joust, hosted by Jenn, The Leftover Queen! The Foodie Joust is a monthly competition that has been called the Iron Chef of the foodie blogs. It's designed for fun, not stress -- there are three ingredients to be used, but there is a month to come up with ideas and enjoy what everyone … [Read more...]

Battle Applesauce!


Applesauce Marinaded Pork Tenderloin with Applesauce Mushroom Gravy In our latest version of Kids’ Iron Chef, the kids drew applesauce!  Once again, we drew the same teams — Christey and Andy(12) vs. Peter and Colin(8).  Christey and Andy got the appetizer course this time while Colin and I made the main.  Team Andy has won twice, while Team Colin, while winning categories, has yet to … [Read more...]

Battle Brown Sugar


It's time for Kids' Iron Chef again! Last battle, we drew POM pomegranate juice and served it during the Independence Day weekend. For this battle, brown sugar was picked out of the hat. We drew the same teams -- Christey and Andy(12) vs. Peter and Colin(8) -- but this time, the dishes were switched. Christey and Andy got the main course while Colin and I made the appetizer. Christey and I … [Read more...]