PFB Challenge 7: Peri Peri Grouper w/Feta Sweet Potato Chips

Once again, Christey and I cannot thank you enough for your votes! We made it through to the video challenge where I get to channel my inner Mario Batali! (EDIT: Voting is now open! To vote, please go to and click the heart on the top banner! Thank you!)

For our entry, I made one of our favorite meals, Peri Peri Grouper, with a side of sweet potato chips and feta. It’s a great blend of local ingredients with an exotic South African flavor, and demonstrates how classical cooking techniques can make a refined meal out of very few ingredients.

Enjoy the show!

Thanks to my parents in St Petersburg for letting us use their kitchen (Happy 44th Anniversary!), plus family and friends for helping with everything! Thanks also to Manuel Belli, for using his public domain song “After You’ve Gone” during our credits!

Here’s a final video of the pictures Christey shot during the video, along with a blooper or two:


  1. Peter says:

    Bravo and thanks for a natural, informative cooking instruction. I liked the Molto Mario style of setting with your dinner guests as well.

    My only beef is with your Feta, you have to use Greek Feta, taste the difference and you’ll never turn back!

  2. Hot Polka Dot Mom says:

    Peter, I really enjoyed your video presentation. Calm and relaxed, you pulled it off like a pro. I am always fascinated with the technique behind the recipe and you kept me captivated. I often overdue fish and your tip about removing the fish just a little bit before its done was very helpful. Great recipe. Good luck for Challenge 7!

  3. I love how you included Christey taking photos of the process. What a treat for your parents’ anniversary! You guys are awesome – I think you just shot that yesterday, right? You must have pulled an all nighter! Good luck.

  4. petermarcus says:

    Peter — Yeah I was channeling Mario for that one! I wish I could find real Greek feta here. There’s a Greek community up in Tarpon Springs — I should check there next time I’m in St Pete. The only Greek feta I can find is Athenos, which I’m guessing is mass produced.

    HPDM — Thank you for the comments! Technique has always been my fascination, too!

    Mardi — We definitely wanted to show how we work together. Normally, Christey and I interact a little more, but we had a lot going on in the video! And, yeah, once we made the decision to go for the original deadline, it was a lot of work. Good thing we gained an hour!

  5. Love the idea of sweet potato chips with feta cheese. That sounds delish.

    Here’s wishing you well with all the challenges. I’ve done a lot of professional speaking over the years and your video comes across as very well done.

  6. Nice work, and love the Battali tribute to friends over while you cook. Your info was really interesting and professional. The pics and blooper reel were a great touch.

  7. Nola says:

    That looks divine. It gets my vote.

  8. Chris Sauter says:

    Bravo! You guys nailed it – what a charming, informative and enjoyable video post. Don’t forget us when you are famous!

  9. Lizzy says:

    I must say kudos to the videography…Excellent..I’m surprised how you’ve come up with such a fantastic meal with such little stuff going in…

  10. Peter, I felt as though I was watching a professional cooking show! Very natural and you definitely have a voice that is calming and easy to listen to. Happy anniversary to your parents! Best wishes!

  11. Mariko says:

    You definitely are a professional chef here. Very knowledgeable — the kind of cooking show I like to watch. Great job!

  12. I want to sit at that table! great job on this post!

  13. Great video and very informative! I like how you made it a cooking class as much as a cooking show. Good luck to you in the challenge!

  14. Christey and Peter: wow, it’s like I just attended a top class cooking class!!!

  15. Fantastic loved all the information you shared with us, great work!

  16. sippitysup says:

    I loved the cooking for an audience Batali style! Great job. GREG

  17. Love your thoughtful setup, and how you photograph away during the video — interesting to see the full process!

  18. Otana says:

    Absolutely delicious, that sounds like an incredible recipe. The idea of sweet potato and feta together is just wonderful.

    Great video too, really smoothly done. I love the suggestion of the pot holder over the handle too, I usually end up wearing my gloves constantly when I’m using cast iron or hot pots just in case, but that’s a much classier solution!

  19. Lana says:

    Very informative video! It’s nice to see you two as a couple, working together.
    I have never used the peri-peri peppers before – are they spicy?
    Good luck in the PFB!

  20. jodilyn says:

    I love standing when you make those sweet potato chips, one for me, one for the everyone. two for me, still one for everyone else >.>

  21. love that you pulled out your stove for this. :) super informative video, great job!