Lobster Roll

and lobster bisque


  1. 3R inspired says:

    omg, this looks soooo yummy!

  2. Paul says:

    This looks soooo goooood. I can almost taste it. I miss New England so much (mostly the food I guess). Great photo!!!

  3. Joey says:

    You do realize the error in that photo don’t you?

    It’s blasphemous to even post it!

    A real lobster roll doesn’t have any filler like lettuce, celery, or paprika. It also isn’t served on some pansy ass French Baguette.

    It’s served on a grilled, buttered hot dog roll.

    For how it is done, check here-



  4. Fotocuisine says:

    hehe yeah, in fact I prefer the roll you have on the blog (and dreaming about it this minute. damn), but i was in what we THOUGHT was going to be a real food market, Quincy Market in Boston, come to find out it is just a glorified food court. However, since I don’t get lobster rolls here in Florida (unless I make it myself, and well, I’m lazy :) ), I thought it was wonderful :) but I did have a better one a day later in the airport of Boston, of all places. That bisque was amazing as well.

  5. Luke says:

    I know as a Masshole, I am supposed to abhor anything but a true lobster roll… However this still looks great to me! Lobster prepared any which way is always a treat!