Wanna drink?

Pics I did this weekend for my father-in-law’s business:


  1. Ginny says:

    Excellent shots! They are fabulous!

  2. i’ve always loved pictures of flowing water and all that. you’ve taken a great one!!! love it.

  3. Damn. You’re good. But now I have a hankering for olives and booze.

  4. jshively says:

    The third and fifth ones with the olive splashing are amazing. Makes me drool thinking about that first martini of the night.

  5. DocChuck says:

    I have never been more excited my an olive in my life!

  6. Very nice job on the photos – they are gorgeous!

  7. awesome! How many tries to get the money shot?

  8. Fotocuisine says:

    gina, diva, luna, jenn – thanks! I actually like these shots, which is saying a LOT! :)
    shively – haha that’s exactly what peter says when he sees the shots (he’s the person ‘making’ the drinks)
    jaden – thank you! um, the dropping olive one, i have about, oh, 100 pictures that we did. the first olive one is actually a composite of 3 pictures, one of an empty glass (from when i triggered too early and not even the olive was in the shot, heh), one of an olive (when i hit the trigger too early but had the olive in the air), and took the splash from another one where the olive was deeper in the glass but didn’t like it as much. the pouring shots were shot within one or two shots, that wasn’t as hard when you have strobes ;)

  9. First time I’ve seen this great food blog. I’m happy to have found it, your photography is great!

  10. Jonathan says:

    LOVE the picture of the olive dropping into the tini.

    add some olive juice to make it dirty and you have my most favorite, perfect drink.

  11. Those are some impressive and very well timed shots. Very nice work!