New Mexico Chile Three Cheese Mac and Cheese

I lived a decade in Atlanta and one of my favorite restaurants is Food 101. Their philosophy was to take comfort food (meatloaf, onion rings, tomato soup), and do a gourmet riff on American classics. I lived a block away from the place and I was there once a week. In that vein, I've been thinking of mac-n-cheese lately. If you're a purist, or have your favorite, you probably don't want to … [Read more...]

Maine lobster, in a tortilla nest, with a red chile cream sauce


Ten years ago, I had a client in Phoenix, Arizona. About a week a month, I'd shuttle out to the desert from Atlanta, do some biz, see some sights, and eat some food. I was really starting my foodie-ness about then, and at one restaurant, I was stunned to taste the best Hawaiian ahi tuna I'd ever had in my life. In Phoenix. More than 5000 miles away from the seas where that fish was … [Read more...]