Pork Schnitzel with Feta Mashed Potatoes


Christey's birthday was last Monday, and one of her favorite meals is my Dad's pork schnitzel, with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes. Dad was born and lived his pre-teen years in Germany, and I don't know where he picked up his schnitzel recipe, but I think you almost have to be German to fully pull this recipe off. I've asked him several times about the mushroom gravy, and he's always been … [Read more...]

New Mexico Chile Three Cheese Mac and Cheese

I lived a decade in Atlanta and one of my favorite restaurants is Food 101. Their philosophy was to take comfort food (meatloaf, onion rings, tomato soup), and do a gourmet riff on American classics. I lived a block away from the place and I was there once a week. In that vein, I've been thinking of mac-n-cheese lately. If you're a purist, or have your favorite, you probably don't want to … [Read more...]

Roasted chicken with feta-almond green beans


There's a yin-yang shininess to what is termed "comfort food" -- the yin of simplicity and familiarity, balanced with the yang of the excitement of refined techniques. Roasted chicken, with giblet gravy. Yeah, Grandma cooked this dish every week of her 103-year life, but there's also a reason she cooked it the way she did...the distillation over generations down to the essence of what it … [Read more...]