Mixers, Wine, and Gourmet stuff

So, wanna know what I have been working on? Go here (yeah that is Peter in a video we did a month or so back) and click on either general mixers, martini mixers, margarita/daiquiri mixers, or rimming sugars and salts. And then click on any of the individual pics. I did those and the group shots. and now they are up, so if you want some good mixers or rimming sugar/salts, there ya go! We will … [Read more...]

Click for Bri entry

Lemon Drop, taken while working on some product shooting today, but I kinda styled this one without the products just for this special Click entry. … [Read more...]

Been a rough but productive day…

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Wanna drink?


Pics I did this weekend for my father-in-law's business: … [Read more...]

Hair of the Dog


I prefer this first one, but most people seem to like the second one. … [Read more...]