For the past, oh, 6 months this word has been the one word that has been most prevalent in my head; "CAKE!!!" I have been on a Just-Had-2-Kids-in-2-Years-and-Want-My-Body-Back Diet, for the past 6 months (lost 26 lbs, have 9 more to go ;) ). Because of this, my head yells 'CAKE!!!' at me way too often. Seriously, you have no idea. So far I have been able to silent this, but today I started … [Read more...]

Grouper with a Blue Crab Sauce Supreme and Plantain Crackle

Christey joins a for-fun photo expo every month on Flickr where food is the subject. This month is a diptych, "From the market to the table". The idea is a picture of food at the store (or soon after), and a picture of a prepared meal using that food ingredient. There are bonus bragging rights for getting the ingredient from your backyard. So, I immediately thought of something with blue crab … [Read more...]

Grilled lamb loin chops, with sweet potato chips and feta

For those who haven't seen the post, Christey sprained her right foot over the weekend.. So, she's not climbing ladders, shooting over my shoulder, or dancing and weaving around getting shots. I think these turned out great, but they're more planned than our usual impromptu cooking candid documentation. Photojournalism will resume in roughly 3-6 weeks. Last Thanksgiving, our family and friends … [Read more...]

Roasted chicken with feta-almond green beans


There's a yin-yang shininess to what is termed "comfort food" -- the yin of simplicity and familiarity, balanced with the yang of the excitement of refined techniques. Roasted chicken, with giblet gravy. Yeah, Grandma cooked this dish every week of her 103-year life, but there's also a reason she cooked it the way she did...the distillation over generations down to the essence of what it … [Read more...]

Florida Grouper with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde


Living in the subtropics of Florida, I have a luscious affection for warm-water fish. Grouper, snapper, seriously big creatures that may approach or exceed the weight of the fisherman that brought them in. Northern fishermen have their own trophies -- halibut or cod get to similar sizes, and sometimes I find that fillets from these fish can work just as well in a recipe as fish to which I'm more … [Read more...]

Filet Bearnaise with Matchstick Frites


The March issue of Gourmet had a little recipe for steak bĂ©arnaise, with fried matchstick potatoes. It was kinda tucked in the middle, among all the other interesting French rustic meals hither and yon. How classic can you get? Meat and bĂ©arnaise, with fried potatoes. Steak frites with a twist. Since March, I've probably made this recipe four times. I've made it more than any other idea … [Read more...]

Maine lobster, in a tortilla nest, with a red chile cream sauce


Ten years ago, I had a client in Phoenix, Arizona. About a week a month, I'd shuttle out to the desert from Atlanta, do some biz, see some sights, and eat some food. I was really starting my foodie-ness about then, and at one restaurant, I was stunned to taste the best Hawaiian ahi tuna I'd ever had in my life. In Phoenix. More than 5000 miles away from the seas where that fish was … [Read more...]