Braised Beef Shortribs


So. Braising.I've hit a lot of classical cooking in the last few months or so, trying to add some knowledge to my cooking improv. However, most of my experimentation has been in sauces, from mother- to derivative-, with just a bit of French technique.  I recently bought Tom Colicchio's Think Like a Chef (he of the Top Chef hosting). Colicchio, though a four-star chef, started from no … [Read more...]

Salt Crust Pompano


I've been wanting to try a salt-crust meal for a few years now. Iron Chef (the original Japanese version) used the technique often, and several of my latest cookbooks mentioned the technique, but at 9am this morning as I was keeping my 14 month old daughter from banging a toy into my 4 month old son's soft-spot, Tyler Florence was doing a salt-crust steak on the Food Network, and it got me … [Read more...]