POM Blogger Interview


December will be the last entry for us as the 2009 POM Blogger winner. Jenn, from The Leftover Queen and hostess of The Foodie Blogroll interviewed me about my experiences coming up with POM recipes over the last year. Check it out here: http://www.foodieblogroll.com/contests/new-contest-pom-wonderful-comment-to-win-giveaway-and-recipe-contest and leave a comment, because Jenn and POM … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Foodbuzz Bloggers Meet!


Flights from Florida to San Francisco made it tricky to make it into the city in time, especially as we had a meeting with Bertolli before the event as a kickoff, so Christey and I actually flew in late Thursday evening. Bertolli was kind enough to sponsor my hotel and airfare as part of their Bertolli Sauces Menu Contest, so once we got in town and tried to sleep off the jetlag, Christey and I … [Read more...]

Foodbuzz Blogger Festival


Tomorrow, Christey and I are off to San Francisco to the 1st Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. We hope to see a lot of fellow foodie bloggers, but for those watching from home, you can follow us on our Twitter Page, as well as here -- we hope to make a couple posts, but timing might be tricky with all the events going on. Fun times, and our Florida tropical selves might be a little chilly in … [Read more...]

Asiago Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Stuffed Shells with Bertolli Vodka Sauce


Christey and I were excited to go to the 1st Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco next month. We were even more excited to hear that Bertolli Sauces was sponsoring 10 foodie bloggers, providing airfare and hotel to the festival in exchange for developing an appetizer or main course menu item using Bertolli sauces. For our entry, Christey and I were batting around main course … [Read more...]

Grouper with Peppadew Goat Cheese Cream Sauce


One of my favorite local gourmet stores, The Green Turtle, has a wonderful rotating assortment of ingredients. In this small area of Florida, I've been able to find foie and truffles, and it's my go-to place to find staples like champagne or sherry vinegar. Last week, they had a beautifully red, glistening display of peppadew peppers, and I grabbed as much as they could cram into a small … [Read more...]

Grouper with a Lychee Chile Velouté


(Read through to the end for the first FotoCuisine giveaway!) The lychee fruit is an Asian fruit, usually grown from China to India. They are commonly found canned in a syrup, and offered as desserts at a variety of Asian restaurants. Bill Mee, from Lychees Online, runs a lychee orchard in South Florida, and he was kind enough to send us a batch of Mauritius lychees (I've since been … [Read more...]

Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti with Champagne Chile Cream Sauce


The folks at FoodBuzz were kind enough to send us a sample of Buitoni's new Riserva Pasta line. We got a sample of the Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti -- a folded semolina ravioli-like pasta containing portabello, crimini and roasted garlic with padano and parmesan cheeses. The semolina, mushroom, cheese mixture just jumped out with its earthiness, so I was mulling over choices for sauce. I … [Read more...]