The Basics: Mayo and Aioli

The Basics: Mayo and Aioli

    One of the most magical techniques in cooking is the emulsion. An emulsion is the creation of a semi-stable suspension between oil and water which may be fairly loose, like a vinaigrette, or a thicker consistency, like Bearnaise. The mayonnaise may be the thickest in the group, and one of the trickiest to master -- I make mayo and aioli often, and I still … [Read more...]

The Basics: Demi-Glace


(Don't forget to check out our giveaway at the bottom of our Christmas Dinner post!) Sauces are my favorite part of cooking, from ketchup to bĂ©arnaise. Since I love (and aspire to) French techniques, a good chunk of the sauces out there are based on some form of stock -- vegetable stock, chicken, fish, beef, veal, lobster, lamb, duck, and so forth. Making stock is usually a pretty simple … [Read more...]

The Basics: Chicken Stock


Of all the many subsets and categories of cuisine, my favorite is sauces. Sauces are paired with almost any food these days, from the ketchup with your McDonalds fries, to the gravies with biscuits or Thanksgiving turkey, to the au jus with your French dip. They may be as simple as melted butter, or as refined as an a l'orange gastrique. The basis for many families of sauces (and their … [Read more...]