Lent, Day1


Lent, Day 1. I don't normally eat breakfast (I have a vice of Dr Pepper). For lunch, on the very first day of Lent, we decided to drop the one-restaurant-a-week rule. Given the rest of our Lenten vows are pretty strict, we decided that even with allowing restaurants, we'd still be sacrificing a lot trying to find no-meat-no-dairy on the menu. But, we did sushi for lunch. And some … [Read more...]

Saturated-Fat Tuesday


This is the time of year for Mardi Gras and Carnival. For many sects of Christianity, the day or days before Ash Wednesday are times of fun and celebration before the start of Lent, and the celebrations generate the buzz. However, Lent is the stimulus for the festivities. Lent itself is a time of asceticism and self sacrifice. Forty-six days of self sacrifice this year, if you follow the … [Read more...]

Swan and Dolphin Food & Wine Classic


Epcot. Disney. International Food and Wine Festival. To a traveling foodie, these words are like pheromones. The Swan and Dolphin Resort is considered an Epcot resort (it's a short stroll to the "back entrance" of Epcot between England and France). Technically, the Swan and Dolphin are not Disney owned like the Grand Floridian or even the next-door Boardwalk. Starwood (the Sheraton people) … [Read more...]

Epcot: First Bites Opening Reception


For many people, when feeling the urge to break out singing: "It's the most wonderful time of the year!", it means the Christmas holidays. For foodies in Central Florida (and a good chunk of the world's tourists) it means Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival has begun at Walt Disney World in Florida. It's the 15 year anniversary for the Festival, and this year, there will be 27 food … [Read more...]

Foodbuzz: Project Food Blog, Challenge #1

Peter and Christey at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival Dinner 2009

The first challenge Foodbuzz: Project Food Blog asks is: What defines you as a food blogger, and why should you be the next food blog star? We’re FotoCuisine. Christey is the Foto. Peter is the Cuisine. We’re married, in love, and in love with the idea that food can be completely amazing. We met through a mutual friend at a restaurant on the beach in St Pete, Florida. We were … [Read more...]

Foodbuzz 24×24: Grass Fed Beef Tasting


The folks at Foodbuzz run a monthly feature called 24x24. Each month, they pick 24 food bloggers to plan a meal on a specific day. In 24 hours, 24 meals are enjoyed around the world, and then blogged. This month, Foodbuzz picked Saturday, May 29th as the day, and Christey and I were selected as one of the 24 hosts. The meal we submitted was based on an idea I have been mulling over since … [Read more...]

San Francisco: The Last Day


This post is mostly pictures, as the last day of the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival consisted of a brunch and then we were left to explore the beautiful city on our own. … [Read more...]