Click Citrus

My entry for this month’s click event which is Citrus!


  1. bee says:

    thank you, dear christey, yet another gorgeous entry.

  2. Denise says:

    YUM! That citrus looks terrific! Good job.


  3. Kristen says:

    The colors of this photo are so vibrant! I love the green and orange contrast!

  4. dwiana says:

    another great shot from you! love the color and outdoor setting here. I read on your profile, do you always shoot with lighting studio?

  5. Christey says:

    Bee- Thank you ;)

    Denise – Thank you, they were good in the drinks :)

    Kristen – Thanks!

    Dwiana – Almost always, I use strobes when doing cooking and food shots, but this shot was actually without any lights. I shot it on a cloudy day (and it was actually sprinkling rain, you can see a bit of rain on the table in the top left) in our backyard with only a reflector at the bottom left.